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Fic: The Hands' Correspondance (UgetsuG)

Title: The Hands' Correspondance
Author: Ryuutchi
Rating: PG-13 (for obscure sexual references)
Warnings: Obscure sexual references, over the top loveyness. Footnotes for clarity at the end.
Word count: ~850
Summary: Ugetsu writes a love letter. G tries not to be impressed.
Notes: Written for the khrfest prompt: "G/Ugetsu - long distance; Ugetsu writes G love letters while they're apart"

( Follow the fake cut! )
Arisato Minato // I see nothing :3 //⚫ω⚫
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[Fanart] I'm here twisting your anime canon

ohay, 69 members nao! /mature

So sup, I'm your last mod here and behold, the last one to post something. I'm the lazy mod therefore I am... well, lazy and I lurk around... yeah...

My only contributions are mostly crack 4-koma and chibi fanart. Back when the Primo Arc anime was airing I took the liberty to totally kill the anime in my friends and my twisted ways and amusement. My crack, let me show you.

Title: What REALLY Happened
Artist: the lazy one
Writer(s): tempesta, piogge, alcedines, and sometimes I come up with something on my own lol. I owe you guys my soul
Pairing(s): G/Ugetsu ultimately, Yamamoto/Gokudera
Rating: R for ridiculously stupid (PG-13 will do)
Warning(s): I'll say it again, crack. So much.

this image is not related to the 4-koma in anyway. I just needed a preview image

long post is long
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If you lived through all that, I applaud you XD
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community open

Hello and welcome to the opening of firstrainstorm, a community for anything G/Ugetsu related. I am one of your mod and maintainers, tsubon, aka "the shameless one".

Please feel free to post anything pertaining to G/Ugetsu here. Whether you think their relationship is platonic or non platonic, anything relating to the two is welcome here! I do ask that whatever your stance on what is between these, please have an open mind and be respectful of other member's opinion. Also, be mindful of the rules, posted on the profile page.

And last but not the least, there are tags already pre-made for certain subjects. Please use those so that we maybe able to find entries easily in the future. If there is a tag that needs to be added, please ask a mod to do so.

That is all I have to say for now. Thank you and have a wonderful day~!