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RP Pimpage - Primo (especially G and Ugetsu) needed!

Some of you may have seen this RP advertised on the hitman_reborn comm, but we're dying for more Primo so I figure I should advertise here, too:

KHR Twitter RP and Sign-Ups!

It's a wonderful and very open and welcoming RP. It's low pressure, only as time consuming as you want it to be, easy and fun and pure crack.

The crack. It is wonderful.

Right now, of the Primo Generation, we only have Giotto and Knuckle who want to have Famiglia Game Night but it's hard without the others, particularly of the G and Ugetsu (and Alaude, but that's more for Knuckle's sake) persuasion. Besides, Knuckle has stores of embarrassing G stories he wants to tell that he shouldn't be allowed to get away with telling. There has to be repercussions and Giotto certainly won't be providing that. XD

Please join! We would love to have you!

(We're also dying for a Ryohei and more female characters if you don't want to play a Primo.)
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